Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Welcome to Arab American Media Services NEWS WIRE

AAMS-NEWS WIRE is a free journalism service that distributes news and features about the Arab and Muslim American community. We accept Feature Stories and press releases from the authors and organizations/individuals issuing the release (not second-hand). They will be posted here for others to use or reprint.

The articles can be reprinted on the condition that they be reprinted in full and that they include full attribution to the writers and a link to this web page for future reference. There is no charge for reprinting the articles.

Press releases can be edited or used in any manner desired.

The purpose is to provide professionally written news and features articles about the Arab American community that will help Americans better understand the Arab and Muslim American community. We feel that the news media does not include enough news an dfeatures about Arab and Muslim Americans, and that the Arab and Muslim American media does not provide enough reprintable materials in English.

We encourage writers, reporters and authors to send us your feature and news articles to be posted and shared with the public. AAMS-News Wire is not responsible for the content of any news or feature articles or press releases and responsibilities remain with the writers, authors and organizations alone.

We encourage Arab and American newspapers and news media to use this resource to broaden information about the Arab American community.

Please contact us if you have any questions.
Ray Hanania